Welcome to our new website!


CDESG is quite an active group: see our video that explains what we do.


In addition, thanks to IDRC’s generous support, we are improving our activities by revamping our website that will offer new and better ways to feature development economics research and policy uptake in Canada and in the world.


A first feature will be our blog on developments in development (D2) that will present some discussions on research, innovations and policies in development economics. We start with a review on the CDESG 2015 conference that featured Ravi Kanbur as our Keynote speaker on a topic that has been recently in the news: the SDGs.


We will present another blog: Mzungu. (For white person in Kiswahili). I am currently on leave in Tanzania with my family as my spouse , a diplomat, is posted here. Mzungu will then be less about research in development economics and more about a white male’s observations on how development takes place in practice in Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa. Mzungu starts with some initial thoughts on Tanzania which is in the midst of an electoral campaign.


We welcome your participation in these blogs! Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts!


Franque Grimard


CDESG President

October 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

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