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The Canadian Development Economics Study Group (CDESG)’s objective is to promote academic excellence and policy dialogue among researchers in the field of development economics based both in Canada and in developing countries. In particular, CDESG seeks to:


1.  Promote the link between policy and research in development economics within the community of Canadian economists;


2.  Facilitate intellectual exchanges, communication, and research dissemination in the field of development economics between Canadian
researchers, their counterparts in developing countries, and the international development community at large;


3.  Encourage new researchers to conduct practical development-relevant research.


CDESG began operating in 2005, when it initiated its collaboration with the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) to enhance conference programming in the area of development economics.  Since 2007, we have been fortunate to have received financial support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) with grants that allowed us expand our programming to fulfill our objectives. Thanks to that generous funding, we have been able to invite such keynote speakers as Pranab Bardan, Albert Berry, Andrew Foster, Martin Ravallion, Francois Bourguignon, Anne Krueger and Ravi Kanbur.  We also have been able to invite many southern researchers to participate in our conferences as well as to start research collaboration.  Finally, CDESG is proud to present the Albert Berry Prize awarded to the best paper presented by a junior research at our annual conference.  Past recipients of the Albert Berry Prize have been  Luisito Bertinelli, Christian Dippel, Kim Lehrer, Mathieu Chemin, Daniel Rosenblum, and Fernando Aragon.


We are hoping to increase our web presence to facilitate even more the diffusion of information and of the activities development economists do in Canada.  We are revamping our website and will increase our presence in the social media so that CDESG can continue its important role in promoting excellence in research and in facilitating research uptake by policy actors in Canada.