Albert Berry Prize

Marco Gonzalez

Named for Professor Albert Berry from the University of Toronto, the Albert Berry Prize is awarded annually to the best paper submitted to the CDESG sessions at CEA, by a graduate student or new scholar in development economics.

CDESG extends congratulations to Marco Gonzalez, the 2015 recipient of the Albert Berry Prize. Mr. Gonzalez was awarded the prize for his paper, Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico


“This paper was motivated by observing the radical transformation in food retail options that developing countries are experiencing as they move from traditional to modern retail environments. We were able to analyze this phenomenon in Mexico where FDI played a big role in this revolution and found that by far the most important effect on local welfare comes from the reduction in the cost of living and not from the income side or job losses that policymakers sometimes fear when deciding to allow or not foreign retailers into their cities.


The Albert Berry Prize is a great encouragement for junior scholars and provides very valuable visibility to new working papers. I thank the committee for this recognition.”